Hello.  This is a website about pie.  Sweet succulent fillings surrounding by light flaky pastry...warm or cold, sweet or savory - Is there anything more Perfect than a Well-Made Pie? Anyone can bake a moan-with-pleasure, knock-your-socks-off, delectable pie. Yes, anyone. Many blowhard bakers would have you believe it's a difficult, arduous task (because that makes the feat all the more impressive). In truth, it's not difficult at all - but it does take some practice.  And maybe a little help.  (Even if you're baking a store-bought crust with canned filling, own it and make it the best semi-homemade pie it can possibly be.)

       Why is pie better than cake?

         Who is this Wayne Thiebauld guy I keep hearing about?

             My pie did NOT turn out right - now what do I do?

                  Why isn't my pie crust shiny like Martha Stewart's?

                    How can I get drunk eating pie?

                      Where can I find good pie near me?

Everything you ever wanted to know about pie - you can find it here (and if you can't, please let me know what I missed).

Pie is made of awesome.

“You don't wake up one day and not want pie.”

~First Lady Michelle Obama